It’s Uber returns to Madrid! What will begin a new battle between taxis and Uber?

Is the news of the day. Uber, the controversial platform of carriage of passengers, returns to Madrid, and therefore to Spain. We do not know when he will return, and how it will be done, but the first tweet of Uber Spain, announcing his return to the Spanish capital with a small video has already attracted our attention, and probably also that of the taxi industry, which, after his demands got to the end of 2014, now more than a year, Uber closed its doors by order of the court.

Everything points to that the return of Uber in Spain is produced by licensed drivers VTC, and not with the intermediation between private drivers and passengers.

In any case all indications are that his return will not occur in the same condition in which it was Uber in our country before its closure. Among the four reasons given by the judge, we find ourselves with the certainty that in Uber existing drivers without administrative authorization to develop its work, the carriage of passengers. A clear reference to UberPOP, focused on the transport between individuals.

In his return, everything indicates that it will provide service by Uber X, a service aimed at drivers with license VTC (rental of vehicle with driver), so that in this case it complies with the regulations in force concerning transportation of passengers. Now, how will it end the controversy and battles with the taxi industry with the return of Uber using your service more legal, with licenses VTC?

a Lot of us fear that the controversy will continue to present, in both claims of taxi drivers, represented by groups such as the Association MadrileƱa del Taxi, still demanding the end of any service that can match, if only minimally, with their interests. In recent months we have seen the emergence of car2go in Madrid (see article on how to move in Madrid on Steam), and we have seen how there arose voices against it from the taxi sector to the services provided by this system car-sharing, which a priori has nothing to do with the taxi, although they can deter us from using it. They even came to accuse the taxi drivers of the cases of vandalism, windows broken and damage several in the fleet of car2go, which we have seen in the last few months, although the Association MadrileƱa del Taxi has condemned these events.

we Already know where to return Uber Spain, in the capital, Madrid. Now you just have to know how and when to. Something that you probably know in the next few days, or even hours.

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