ITV, the reforms and the scares

BMW X6 con reformas para la ITV

you can say that ITV is the dentist of the cars: no one’s going quietly. Is that even though we have taken the car to the workshop one-half hour before and we have ensured that everything is perfect, as we are approaching the station of the technical inspection, the nerves are taking over all of us and we are not iran until they obtain the certificate of validity. Well, maybe the nervousness is temporarily transforming in anger at the time of to pay, since according to what community we find ourselves, revision can cost 55 euros.

How it is to be expected, the nerves can fire if we have made any reform to the vehicle and is, with the third revision of the Manual of Reforms of the Vehicle published in September 2016, and which entered into force in January 2017, it makes everything an uphill struggle for those passionate about customization, so I’m going to go explaining little by little the steps to follow to pass the MOT on a vehicle with some modification to be a success. In order to avoid reaching the infinite in this article I will focus on the vehicles of the category M1, defined as those motor vehicles designed and manufactured primarily for transportation of persons and their baggage, with a maximum of 8 seats and that all passengers must be seated.

modifications and ITV

Before anything I have to clarify that, in the face of what is a type-approval, the concept of reform can be called a mistake a lot of people want to do a reform and/or homologarla. Right now it can be considered as a reform of any modification, replacement, action, addition, or deletion made on a vehicle that changes the characteristics by which [the vehicle] can be defined.

Fiat 500 con modificaciones para la ITV

As expected, is statement is neither clear nor concise. An example may be the change of steering wheel. For that what changes (and for me) the fact of replacing the steering wheel on the other does not make our car stop to be defined as such. If any of us sees a BMW E30 down the street, take the wheel take, will continue to be a BMW E30 and they do not need to be an expert to “define it”. However, they charge for everything do not cease to see a reason to do box. Yes, if the steering wheel does not carry the airbag and does not change the diameter by more than 10% is not considered reform. How many cars today do not carry airbag?

This is because in the definition of the vehicle is understood as such for the purposes of approval and is included in the Annex I of the directive 2007/46/EC, are taken into account almost all the parts of the car. Among the things that we read can be seen as the time to approve a vehicle is taken into account including the range of positions of adjustment of the driver’s seat (point That said some may think that the only thing we can do is to change the location of the cigarette lighter to charge the mobile, isn’t it? As either; the burner does not say anything of the directive, but the diagrams and location of electric system. In short, that soon we will have to pass the MOT if you put a sticker on the car…

to Ensure the success of a reform

To avoid problems at the time of the MOT with any type of reform carried out in our vehicles we should be extremely strict in the whole process, since this reform is only an idea to which we give the work finished. In addition, be clear about the entire process before you begin will also allow us to get an idea of the costs that we will incur, which will not be few.

Mercedes R230 ITV

The first thing you should keep in mind is that in the case of the reform requires the incorporation of parts, whether few or many, each and every one of these pieces must be approved. Any work, by perfect that is, if you have material not approved will not be able to legalised. In addition, we must retain all documentation necessary to demonstrate the validity of the spare parts used.

once the reform is finished, we must require a certificate of workshop in which you detail the make, model, serial number and marking of the parts added to our vehicle. With this certificate and with the documentation of the parts added to the car, we have a period of 15 days to pass the inspection of our vehicle. This certificate only we give it a workshop legal, so you also have to be careful with the workshops pirates.

as an example, the problem of the tow hooks. Once installed a tow hook we have to make an appointment at the MOT and go with the car, the documentation of the hook and the certificate from the workshop that has been mounted. Once verified the suitability of the work, reflected in the technical sheet of the vehicle that has mounted this accessory.

En enganche de remolque también lo hay que legalizar en la ITV

, If you mount a tow hook when I bought the car and not regularizamos, go through the first ITV it may happen that the model of the hitch no longer manufactured, and therefore has expired your approval, to change the rules and the hitch no longer conforming to it, or that the workshop that we rode has been closed or just changed the company name and not be able to make the certificate. Then, the quicker and cheaper it will be to replace the hitch, and put a new one. And this is valid for a hitch or for any addiction without modification that we do in our car (spoiler, tow bar, side steps, etc.).

technical Project

When the reform of our car includes the replacement, modification or removal of any piece we have a very high probability that we require a technical project. This study you must correctly identify both the vehicle as well as the technical firm, and is divided into several parts properly detailed:

  • Memory, which must include the identification data of the vehicle, the description of the reform, the legal basis on which it is supported to ask for such a reform, and the characteristics of the car before and after the reform.
  • Calculations supportings about the viability of the project, its impact on the active and passive safety of the vehicle and any possible alteration of the weight distribution between the axles.
  • Specifications which captures the quality of the materials used and of the processes of change, accompanied by all the permissions, authorisations, documentations…
  • Budget
  • Planes pick up the schemes of the vehicle before and after the reform and recognize clearly all the pieces modified, added or removed.
  • Certification of end-of-work to ensure that all the process has been performed in accordance with the previous points of the project.

Las reformas importantes exigen proyecto técnico

A detail very silly that with new technologies you will miss a lot of people, is that when you print the technical project must be monitored in all pages showing the motif of the writing mode of the header or footer, that all the leaves are perfectly numbered and that this numbering is in addition includes the total number of sheets in the project.

compliance Report

The compliance report ensures that the reform of the vehicle has been carried out in accordance with the regulations in force in the matter.

The amendments require the presentation of a technical project must include the compliance report along with the drawings and the certification in order to work. In the case of minor reforms that do not require the project, the compliance report is typically included in the same certificate of workshop, although you should always one to be aware of that you have all the documentation.

Legalize the reform

luckily for us, the list of reforms which require the specific approval of the MOT, it still remains very full, it is more summarized than that of the approval. In addition, it is drafted in a clearer way and in the same tabs application for approval of the reform we report what documentation we need to bring.

For example, the relocation of the license plate later you can legalize with the certificate of workshop and the compliance report. However, if you have a convertible and put a arch of security, yes that we require the technical project, the certificate of end of construction, the report of conformity and the certificate of the workshop.

Transformar una furgoneta en vivienda exige pasar la ITV

once in the station of ITV, the check will be conducted with the car braking, with all levels at maximum (allegedly also the fuel) and with all the equipment and accessories necessary for its operation. As a curiosity, in the case of the rv it is required that the clean water deposit is full but the water residual vacuum.

upon completion of the inspection, in the station of ITV reflejarán the reform in the technical sheet of the vehicle, we can modify the policy by adding the modifications made. And so it only remains to circular quiet and secure.

Reforms is not declared

With how easy it is to do things well, there will always be those who prefer to do it wrong and be surprised when you get the first scare. If we do not have legalized an addiction, like for example a towing hitch, it can happen that not multen. If we talk of modifications that affect casting, as for example the use of tyres are not equivalent to the source, the authorities can get to inmovilizarnos the vehicle (in addition to multarnos, of course).

Las defensa mataburros también hay que legalizarlas en la ITV

With the insurance passes more or less the same thing. It may be the case that someone will mount on your off-road grille front “mataburros” and did not declare in your insurance policy. It is true that the insurance company is not going to fine anyone, but yes you can refuse to indemnify the damage caused with that grille. You can even refuse a replacement even though let’s talk of an all risk insurance. In part, this is logical: you can’t claim damages for something that you don’t have insured, whether owned or made to third parties.

Reforms ITV licensed

Well after reading this whole article I ask what are the reforms that can be done and what not. The answer, once again, you have the latest update of the Manual of Reforms in Vehicles edited by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and that you can see HERE.


I Hope that this article will permit you to have made it clear that the approval process for any reform in our vehicle can get to be long, expensive and tedious, but if we are a little careful with the order and the required documentation does not give us any headache.