I’ve been waiting for you, Luke: the Porsche 911 Carrera S turbo know the Porsche 959

As the young Skywalker know Darth Vader, the Porsche 911 Carrera S – engine-turbo, which we are testing at the moment – don’t know that the Porsche 959 is his father. One of the Porsche special of all time, the 959. A rolling laboratory that would anticipate many technologies that we now take for granted: all-wheel drive, twin turbocharging, or suspension electronically adjustable. With 450 HP of the old school, the porsche 911 Carrera S with turbo engine should show him respect. We ask, what sounds better?

The Porsche 959 was launched in 1986, with 450 HP and an arsenal of technology to rival any in the world.

In the small video that you have recorded the guys from Sport Auto – one of the best magazines of Germany – it shows the difference in sound of both vehicles. despite the fact that the new 911 is turbocharged and has an engine of only 3 liters, it almost sounds atmospheric. The manufacturers make magic with escapes, and mechanically they eliminate the delay in the response of the turbochargers. This is where you will notice the 30 years of evolution that separate the 959 of the current 911 Carrera with turbo engine.

Evidently, the sound of the 911 is much more powerful and his acceleration seems very intense. next To the 959 looks like a dinosaur, even if it is a car with much more character, much more special. And we must not forget that your engine is turbo old-school wakes up in the high part of the cuentavueltas. Observe the way in which gains speed over 200 km/h and then tell me that you want to find a 911 modern before a 959 classic. The video is on these lines, enjoy it.

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