Iveco presents at the IAA in Hanover your new Z Truck

Iveco Z TruckOne of the brands most important question of mobility of goods and people is the Italo-Spanish Iveco. Thanks to its trucks and buses thousands of people and goods are moved by our planet. Therefore, knowing the importance that it has in the transport sector Iveco does not stop to investigate and innovate in order to remain the number one brand.

For this reason, at the IAA Hannover have presented a new truck. The problem is that this appointment has coincided in time with the Salon of Paris, and many of their innovations have been eclipsed by the appointment of paris. However, we want to bring you the latest model of the Iveco. The Z Truck is a new truck built with energy efficiency as a flag, and their development have been recorded up to twenty-nine different patent.

Iveco Z TruckThe most innovative of this new truck is its mechanics. Is driven by a motor of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and is capable of reaching the 460 hp and a torque of 2,000 Nm. This mechanism is coupled to a new automatic gearbox with 16 speeds. With this combination of engine and change the Z Truck is able to reach the 2,200 kilometers of autonomy. This has been possible thanks to the two tanks of LNG with a total capacity of 1,200 litres.

in Addition to the use of this fuel, the new Z Truck is equipped with tires of low friction. The new Michelin incorporate sensors of pressure, temperature and wear. The union of both elements allows the CO2 emissions of the new truck Iveco are almost null.

Iveco Z TruckAnother of the features of the new Iveco Z Truck is the technology that brings on board. Your dashboard has become completely digital and in him driving autonomous takes the leading role. Among the technologies that you can incorporate is the projection of information on the windshield as well as a multitude of attendees to the driving. To advance this technology, the driver would be relegated to a second plane, and would amount only to monitor the system.

so soon is a prototype but with the competition that you have in the Volvo and the acceleration of the driving autonomous it is very likely that a version of this Iveco Z Truck can get to the market with some modifications.

Source – Iveco