Jaguar and Land Rover paint a future in which climatizarán your car without heat or air conditioning

We all like to travel in our car warm in winter and cooler air vent us in the face in summer. But air conditioning systems also pose a great energy expenditure, resulting in a higher fuel consumption and, therefore, money. You will be with me when traveling through southern Spain in August to 40 in the shade, no one will care that your car consumes a little more to use air conditioning. But the climate is a major problem when our autonomy is very limited, for example driving electric cars whose batteries enjoy a very limited energy resources. That is the reason that led to Jaguar and Land Rover to work on a technology that optimizes the maximum energy efficiency of air conditioning systems. To the extent that already envision a future in which HVAC systems are passive, ie weatherize our car without an air conditioner . How do you intend to get it?

Utopia or idea with good prospects? Jaguar and Land Rover climatizar want your car without air conditioning, through passive solutions.

The idea of ​​Jaguar and Land Rover passes transform the interior of your car in a completely isolated bubble outside or rather, designed to result in energy exchanges maintain a comfortable temperature on board . That is, in summer, hot as it is outside, the temperature is constantly fresh onboard and in winter, we enjoy a warm temperature.

The technological key happen by the use of materials such as glazing capable of reflecting infrared radiation and materials dynamically charge of adjusting the thermal performance of the carrier depending on the climate of the place in which we are moving us.


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Jaguar and Land Rover would also shaping an equally interesting idea, called Warm Air Blanket . In essence this would be to transform any surface susceptible it as the seat upholstery, door panels, dashboard and roof in a diffuser climate. Basically it would be to employ porous surfaces to be responsible for exchanging heat. Innovative materials which, being closer to the body of the occupants, not requiring air conditioning throughout the cabin, all the air contained in it, so that the effort of HVAC systems is less. Say it would be a much more advanced technology and accurate traditional seat heated, or the lesser known, but also existing seats with active ventilation.

also they confirm that we are working on new projects, such as the so-called Carbio Project , which aims to save even more weight, improve sound insulation, reducing vibration and discomfort, using fiber composites carbon and different resins. Jaguar and Land Rover say they are developing components are 28% lighter than aluminum, 55% lighter than steel and its attenuation of vibration and noise is much higher, requiring the use of less insulating material.

Interesting, is not it?

Source: Jaguar | Land Rover
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