Jaguar and Land Rover registered new trade names

Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport

The firms English Jaguar and Land Rover are living a very sweet moment in regards to their sales and growth. Since I arrived at the conglomerate indian Tata Motors, their models have evolved exponentially and now you can compete your to you with the best cars premium in the market. Proof of this is that the responsible for strategic planning and product both firms have put to work for to launch in a matter of five years up to 29 new models.

For planning such an offensive product is in need of many things, among them money. Tata Motors does not have problems in proporcionarselo because thanks to them their operations are saving accounts. For this reason, we have found that Jaguar and Land Rover would be making records “massive” trade names in different intellectual property offices. With this movement what they would be doing would be to protect the future commercial names of these models as this would ensure that their opponents don’t copiarían or pisarían the ground.

Land Rover Discovery 2017

Some of the registered names would be Westminster, XJS or Landy. Jaguar could have among its models the letters P and T-Type. Land Rover would remain with Westminster, Freestyle and Landy. In the case of Range Rover, it could get as compensation Classic to some version of rescue. The denomination XJS taken out of use in Jaguar since the 90s of last century and could now return to the library of the house if the re-launch of a saloon-type, Gran Turismo.

Be that as it may, another possibility that exists is that Jaguar is reserving these names for future electric versions of their models. However, it is important to clarify that because they have booked all these denominations do not have to launch all these models to the market. Jaguar and Land Rover are protecting your work as does any other brand and then we will see what to throw and what not to throw.

need to be attentive to the next moves of the two firms, so are sure to come new surprises. Jaguar and Land Rover are back in the part noble of the automotive sector.

Source – Jaguar – Land Rover

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