Jaguar and Land Rover registered new trade names

a manufacturer To register new trade names, is possibly the most striking before they start to go out to the street, the mules of tests and prototypes, especially because it gives us an idea of what a brand is preparing.

And in brands such as Jaguar and Land Rover is more than significant to be able to talk of the new trade names that have been registered. It is clear that the two brands british for excellence has developed a new strategic plan for expansion of the current range of models, but it also gives us an idea of new mechanical options.

it is Also true that in the automotive industry all the names that are recorded do not have a final materialized, but remain in oblivion until the end of the period of registration of the name and is renewed or expires. The name Stormer continues in force until 2026.


New name for Land Rover

But of the names registered, you must take into account that some of them have been conducted under the ownership of JLR by what means it can be used by both.

The new names of Land Rover are Westminster, Freestyle, Landy and Range Rover Classic, while Jaguar has registered XJS, P-Type, T-Type, C-XE, iXE, diXE, XEdi, XEi, CXF and CXJ. On behalf of JLR, Sawtooth.

Beginning for the brand of all-terrain luxury, there are media that are inclined because the name of Freestyle is to a special version of the Discovery Sport, while we we’re more inclined because Freestyle and Landy are used for the replacement of the Defender that will come before the end of this decade.

In the case of Jaguar, we draw a lot of attention XJS, CXF, CXJ and C-XE, which could well be coupes, something logical if we have in mind that they are bodies that could well be an alternative to the BMW 4 Series or Audi A5, in addition to the Mercedes S-Class Coupe bearing in mind that Jaguar does not have any representatives in these market segments.


New names for Jaguar

The same thing happens with the names Q-TYPE and T-TYPE. May indicate new models and the replacement of the Jaguar XK to be one of them or some model that is more compact than the XE seeing all its rivals Premium by taking slice of the segment C.

names, iXE, XEi, diXE and XEdi bet more for new more efficient technologies, the first in the form of an electric version of the Jaguar XE and the second group in the form of a call to a block diesel with a more advanced technology.

In any case, all are open to conjecture. To day of today, we do not have confirmation of that Jaguar has in mind to expand its range of models with these options, but we will remain alert to tell you all the news of Jaguar and Land Rover for the next few years.