Jaguar and Land Rover to close in 2016 as their best year of sales

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Jaguar and Land Rover do not cease to surprise year after year. When they were under the umbrella of Ford Motor Company were never able to to call the attention of the customers as they are doing now, and it could all be due to the warm investment that the signature blue oval made about them. Now everything has changed since the Group Tata Motors is betting everything to them and it seems that their efforts and charter financial are giving their fruits.

When the two firms came to the portfolio of brands Tata be assured that would maintain its independence in terms of engineering, decision-making capacity, and development of new products and it seems that this freedom has made the managers of both firms are put to work by the sea of happy. Proof of this is that every year that has passed its worldwide sales have improved making the finances of the hindu group to be saved at some time or the other due to the good performance of the firms English.

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As reported by managers of Jaguar and Land Rover last year 2016 has been the best in terms of world sales of many years. The numbers have been thrown among both companies have managed enrolling a total of 583.313 vehicles new the length and breadth of the world. This means that between both they have managed to increase its deliveries to customers in more than 20 percent from last year to 2015.

This increase is already the seventh consecutive [19459005thatregisterbothfirmsandassumesthatthesaleshavetripledsincetheyear2009Inadditiontheleadersofbothbrandshaveannouncedthatthe sales growth occurred in all markets in which are present, with a special focus on Europe, the United Kingdom and the united States (north America in general).

For their part, the two brands expect to be able to continue improving their figures since you are revamping their ranges at the same time that they are immersed in the launch of new products such as the Jaguar E-Pace or R-Pace.

Source – Jaguar – Land Rover

Jaguar XF
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