Jaguar C-X75, Paris 2010

The C-X75 has become its own right in one of the biggest stars in Motor Paris. Jaguar has presented this spectacular occasion of prototype celebration of the 75th anniversary .

jaguar CX75 de Sbastien Rondet

Jaguar CX75 of Sbastien Rondet

Popular likely never come on the market but its design serve to promote some of the ways that presents future models of the legendary brand of luxury cars.

But does not this concept car is a simple screen and mount a revolutionary drive can generate a high number of horses with the help of electricity.

The Jaguar C-X75 has four electric motors in each wheel with a maximum combined effect when respectable figure 788CV with a pair maximum engine stratosphere of 1.600Nm. Its lithium ion charging of two micro gas capable of developing 140 kW, which makes the car to enjoy a range of nearly 900 miles.

This kit prototype Jaguar is able to goes from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds , 2.3 seconds to accelerate from 80 to 145km / h, when 330 km / h top speed.

With aluminum very present in its structure, C-X75 mark on the scale a final weight of 1350 kg. Its spectacular and careful design provides Grand drag coefficient of 0.32 Cd .

Although Jaguar bet on hybrid systems to power their future models chosen for this special occasion seem overly ambitious to be mounted in series cars, at least for now. What seems more likely is that the next model of the British company if adopted by the aesthetic lines of this wonderful concept.

Photo Added license CC Sbastien Rondet

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