Jaguar could have V8 engines source BMW in the future

Jaguar F-TypeIn the automotive industry there are several examples of collaborations between companies. Different brands can reach agreements to lease its petrol engines, hybrid technology or some of its components, creating a close relationship between the two. Today comes a news item that deserves our attention, and it is rumored that Jaguar could ride V8 source BMW in the future. One idea would be to pose by the attack of the downsizing and the low modernity of their engines of eight cylinders in V.

The mark of the feline need to renew their V8 engines, but for this purpose it is necessary a strong investment that the company for the time you prefer to perform in other sections. BMW is currently working with a new mechanical V8 4.0-liter that will replace the familiar V8 4.4-liter with the aim of achieving a more efficient engine and modern. It is precisely this new engine would be Jaguar’s ride in their models, in addition to Land Rover, thereby achieving lower costs of production and riding in their motor cars of quality.

BMW M5In the same way the English company need their V6 engines are also reviewed. In this case, according to the latest reports, V6, which is basically a V8 without two cylinders, it would become a mechanical six-cylinder in-line. In this case, the configuration would be similar to that of the new 4-cylinder engines Ingenum, the new mechanics of the house that have been developed recently.

it is Still early to confirm these data, having to wait several months to see if Jaguar actually mounted V8 engine source BMW. In large part this is a shame, because the heart V8 feline sounds as if it had been developed in the same sky.

Source – Motorpasión

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