Jaguar could launch a new Jaguar XK

nuevo jaguar xk Jaguar podrĂ­a lanzar un nuevo Jaguar XK In the past New York International Auto Show we saw last special edition of the Jaguar XK, one last edition called Fifty Final Edition and based on the XKR to have the privilege to dismiss the British model. After the arrival of Jaguar F-Type the protagonist of our story lost a lot of sense , so much so that the manufacturer was quick to say that probably would not see a new generation of Jaguar XK.

However, the followers of this sport can breathe easy. Russ Varney, responsible for developing the model, said the British Autocar means that could be a new Jaguar XK since there is no reason why this model can not live with the Jaguar F-Type. Obviously, the new Jaguar XK would have to use another approach, should put aside the sporty character to settle at more Gran Turismo segment .

As we said Russ Varney, the current Jaguar F-Type still has much potential to meet many needs with new versions, but they still leaving some gaps to be filled. To meet these needs was born the new generation of Jaguar XK , a new generation that will have to wait a few years because the British manufacturer has other priorities in mind, starting exploit the Jaguar XE, continuing with new versions for the F-Type and culminating with the SUV will arrive between 2016 and 2017.

Source – Autocar

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