Jaguar E-Pace 2018, first look at the mule testing

The Jaguar F-Pace has recently come to the market is presented as the first SUV of the british brand in its entire history. The model opens the door to this type of vehicle, where Jaguar will grow its range with two SUV: one more large (J-Pace) and a more compact (E-Pace). Today we get the first spy pictures of the Jaguar E-Pace.

Our photographer has achieved the image of the mule tests of the future, And-Pace, with a body-modified and completely camouflaged Range Rover Evoque, shortly before the driver of the SUV british were to realize that he was on the point of view of the indiscreet lens and put land of by means.

In a first glance you can verify that the E-Pace has a shorter wheelbase than that of the F-Pace. Its dimensions will be more compact and will complete the range below, offering a less expensive alternative and smaller size, but equally luxurious. Your focus will be 100% urban, with capabilities offroad very limited.


The new todocamino Jaguar will aim to compete with premium models in the same segment as the BMW X1, the Audi Q3 and the Mercedes GLA. Everything seems to indicate that it will result in the development of a version 100% electric that would have as the primary (and only so far) opponent to the Tesla Model X.

The development of this new SUV is still in its early stages and is not expected to reach dealers until 2018. By your concept, And-Pace will be a key model for the brand as it will play a decisive role in your future business expansion.