Jaguar E-Pace: New images of the new SUV through Jaguar


Outwardly the camouflage is very successful.

Jaguar continues the development of its new SUV of medium size. On this occasion, our photographers have managed to hunt down a new prototype of the model, wearing a camouflage that we saw from the beginning of the year, appearing in disguise by full Land Rover Evoque.

The analysis at the exterior, therefore, is an effort wasted, since they can pass perfectly as a prototype camouflaged with vinyl of the Evoque, although these prototypes are registered by Jaguar.

In the last few weeks we had been able to see mules test playing with the end panels of the F-Pace, the SUV of Jaguar, but these were test units attributed to the new i-Pace, the production version of the first power of the british brand.


This mule was part of a caravan of 4 similar units.

The copy that appears in this new series of spy photos belonged to a convoy of up to 4 prototypes that showed identical aspect, interestingly, one of them had no exhaust system visible. It seems that Jaguar is employing multiple types of camouflage for their mules of tests, both of the future electric crossover as the new D-SUV, intended to compete with models like the BMW X3.

The new SUV will not share the platform of aluminum that employs the current XE, but the same platform that can be found in the current Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque, so that it is more than likely that you have mechanical arranged transversely.

in Addition to the electric crossover, which you should employ an approach that is structurally similar to the i-PACE concept, and hence radically different from the E-Pace, this new range we can expect hybrid versions in addition to the already known mechanical diesel and gasoline available in the marks of the british group. By studying the license plates of mules past, they discover that one of them had been registered as a hybrid with mechanical diesel, with a 2.0-liter engine.


Until the end of 2017 or already in 2018, we should not see him getting.

it Is hoped that the range is made up almost exclusively by four-cylinder engines supercharged, although it is not discarding the appearance of a block of six cylinders in the upper area of the catalog.

The arrival of this new SUV will not be until the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018. The platform used has a programmed life beyond 2020, since that is also used in the more recent Discovery Sport, so the new SUV model of Jaguar will have a technical approach fresh still, in spite of not having the more advanced aluminium frame of their brethren in range.