Jaguar E-Pace: the new crossover from Jaguar as it is official


The new Jaguar E-Pace is already official.

With a somersault, and has introduced the british brand to the new E-Pace, the first crossover from Jaguar or compact SUV, as defined by the brand. With this model, Jaguar already has his opponent for the C-segment-SUV premium, where it will rival the likes of the BMW X1 or Audi Q3. In this way, it is also the first time that the mark of the feline, which compete in the D segment, because until now, I had never developed a model below the segment D.

To celebrate this event, the signature prepared in London for a very special event, in which a copy of the new E-Pace performed a jump with a turn of 270 degrees including that he was worth a Guinness Record to reach 15.3 meters long flight.

Although the stunts are not the primary purpose of the new E-Pace, as this has as its purpose to raise, and much, the sales of the brand, by entering one of the segments of more movement in the market. Although the new E-Pace will be positioned at the extreme premium of this segment, as with a starting price of 37.450 euros, is quite far from the alternative C-SUV cheapest on the market.


An image that is already known.

On the aesthetic level, the new crossover from Jaguar will not be surprising, since account with some ways identical to those of the F-Pace, which takes features of the sporty F-Type. Although in the case of the new crossover, we can see clearly how the designers of the brand have had to adapt these lines to the new format, smaller in size.

The new E-Pace has a total length of 4.395 mm, about 7 mm more than an Audi Q3, by naming one of their direct rivals, and has a total width of 2,088 mm and a height of 1.649 mm, so that is also slightly wider and taller than the C-SUV Audi. According to Jaguar, it has a load capacity of 557 litres in the boot, which far exceeds the German model, which has only 460 litres of volume available.

Based on the platform LR-MS of Jaguar-Land Rover and gives life also to the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque, although conveniently evolved and employing the scheme of suspension inherited from the Jaguar XF, the new E-Pace will be the first model from the british brand that has a range of mechanical composed to the full by the new engines of the family Ingenium.


The inside account with the brand DNA.

Range mechanics

Since the beginning of its commercialization, the crossover will have a range composed by 3 diesel engines and two gas, all of them 4-cylinder and 2.0-liter displacement, with a range of powers between 150 and 300 horses. The transmissions available are a manual box of 6 speeds and an automatic 9-relationships, with the option of front-wheel-drive versions of the most basic and total, which can vary the torque between the axles according to the needs.

Engines diésel D150 D180 D240
Cilindrada 2.0 liters 2.0 liters 2.0 liter
Power 150 HP 180 CV 240 CV
Par 380 Nm 430 Nm 500 Nm
Tracción 2WD/4WD 4WD 4WD
Transmisión Manual 6v/Autom. 9v. Manual 6v/Autom. 9v. Autom. 9v.
Engines gasolina P250 P300
Cilindrada 2.0-liter 2.0 litres
Power 249 HP 300 CV
Par 365 Nm 400 Nm
Tracción 4WD 4WD
Transmisión Autom. 9v. Autom. 9v.


The DNA of the british brand with a clear distinction.

as for the interior, we also find similarities with the other models in the range, the dashboard has a very sporty, underlined by the handle that forms the center console on the passenger side. The large central screen of 10 inches, occupies a large part of the console and under the there is only one control panel, circular, belonging to the ventilation.

Your master list of novelties we will find in the section of equipment, as well as the latest version of the system of information and entertainment Touch Pro Jaguar, available in the central screen touch 10-inch, the E-Pace has an impressive list of technological items, such as a Wifi access point 4G that can support up to 8 devices, dashboard digital TFT screen of 12.3 inches, Head-Up Display, latest generation TFT, bracelet Activity Key that allows to be able to exit the vehicle without removing the key from the same system Gesture Tailgate to open the tailgate without hands, and the suite of applications InControl.