Jaguar gives santa Claus an F-Sleigh, a “cabriolet” to hand out gifts with style

Since Christmas is coming, and in a few days santa Claus will be delivering gifts all over the world. Although in Spain prefer the three Kings and hopefully a few more days, half the world awaiting the visit of Santa Claus on the 25th of December. Jaguar has decided this year to reverse roles, and to give Father Christmas a new sleigh, the Jaguar F-Sleigh. A sled with the no you will need reindeer, a convertible much more stylish than your traditional sled classic wooden. What’s behind the F-Sleigh?

This sleigh reaction is an excuse to announce the launch of a new collection of accessories and gifts for 2016.

The sketch that presides over this article has not been materialized in a prototype, but Jaguar has ordered the construction of a beautiful ice sculpture to actual size. The sculpture has been presented in London, in an event of presentation of the collection of accessories, clothing and merchandising for the year 2016. An ideal occasion, just before Christmas. The F-Sleigh was the protagonist, with a design inspired by the Jaguar F-Type Project 7, but with certain mechanical modifications.

In place of a 5.0 engine V8 Supercharged 550-HP, it uses two jet engines to allow you to fly through the skies of half the world. Has a good undercarriage consisting of several skates and high-performance as could not be otherwise, his nose red announces your arrival. In the absence of reindeer… So you know, if this christmas you see a sled jet flying through the sky – in about 10 days – now you know why Santa Claus has left the propulsion of the animal.

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