Jaguar I-Pace Concept: the keys of the prototype that anticipates the first Jaguar electric

Jaguar I-Pace Concept - claves

we Analyze the 5 keys of the new Jaguar R-Pace Concept.

The big bet of Jaguar to the Auto show in Los Angeles in 2016 has already been unveiled. We talk about the new Jaguar I-Pace Concept, an important prototype with the mark of the feline we anticipate the first electric vehicle of its history. The first Jaguar electric is closer to being a reality, and it is for this reason that we must pay close attention to this concept.

And it is not every day a brand as historic as the Jaguar landed in a niche market is totally new for them. Sooner or later the brands that we have always associated with vehicles of high performance, luxury and exclusivity will give the jump to the electric vehicle. As we say, Jaguar is finalizing details of its first proposal to the market, but she will continue to others such as Porsche with the production version of the Mission And Concept.

But to return to the I-Pace Concept these days focus much of the attention on the stand of Jaguar in the living Room of a Los Angeles 2016, we proceed to analyze the most important keys of this prototype with which it shows us many aspects that we will see in the production model. As is logical, being a concept, there are some details with image excessively futuristic to be “streamlined” before they reach the market. Despite this, the mechanics, technology and design philosophy will be present in the future (I-Pace of production.

Jaguar I-Pace Concept - lateral

the design of The new I-Pace Concept breaks all the schemes of Jaguar known to date.

A design that breaks all the schemes of the brand

We are faced with one of the concepts more visually eye-catching created by Jaguar to date. Taking advantage of that it is a vehicle mechanical “electrified”, the designers of the mark of the feline, have sought to reconsider the general proportions of the vehicle. Inspired by the Jaguar C-X75, your image captures our attention thanks to its silhouette type coupe combined with the features of the SUV segment.

Has a long wheelbase (battle), as it stands at 2.990 mm With this, you get a spacious interior in which five adult passengers can travel in total comfort. Your profile presents an aerodynamic quite elaborate, curved lines that combines very interesting way with a robust behind. Its design conveys performance, innovation and style.

Elements such as its robust wheel arches in which we find wheels Nighthawk 23-inch we reveal that we are before a model of strong and able in all senses. The side skirts also allow to optimize the aerodynamics by channelling the air around the wheel more effectively. On the other hand, the shape of the bonnet helps accentuate his character more sporty. We must also bear in mind the headlights full LED slim design.

Jaguar I-Pace Concept - posterior

This prototype anticipates the first electric vehicle in the history of Jaguar.

finally, if we take a look at its behind, the delicate rear spoiler sets the contrast to an area in back that highlights the character and harshness of the Jaguar I-Pace Concept. The rear lights also use LED technology.

Its interior is characterized by spacious and open

Spacious, open and futuristic. Are the main concepts with which we are left after you take a look at the interior of the prototype electric Jaguar. In its elaboration we have used the most advanced materials as well as a intuitive design of the physical elements. Both the position of the driver as the rest of your passengers are much lower than in conventional SUVS, this will increase the sensations sports.

Thanks to the design of the hood and the overhangs trimmed, the Jaguar R-Pace Concept offers the driver a exceptional view of the road and environments surrounding the vehicle. Despite the low driving position. If we make reference to the important distance between axes, we find a cabin very spacious, even for the squares later. In addition, in their design, the guys from Jaguar seeking to maintain a composition that is “open”.

Jaguar I-Pace Concept - interior

in Addition to spacious, its interior echoes the materials most innovative in the market. All of this seasoned with the numerous technological elements.

Details like console central cantilever, low position of the instrument panel or horizontal lines and shapes, minimalist make this cabin very innovative. In the finishes, materials of the type Windsor leather or the carbon fiber inserts and Moonstone Alcantara take the spotlight and put the note of exclusivity. It is also important to note the panoramic roof that extends the angle of vision of the windshield to flood the interior with natural light.

Technology and connectivity everywhere

could Not be less. Today the technology and connectivity is fundamental. And the Jaguar I-Pace Concept is not alien to it. We are before one of the vehicles most technology ever created by the british firm. Touch screens and intuitive selectors rotary and multi-function buttons will take us to a not too distant future in which the digital world will be present in all aspects of our daily life.

the main interface of The I-Pace Concept is a touch screen TFT 12 inches that works perfectly with the instrument panel. Another touch-screen display high 5.5 inch allows you to configure the system of info-entertainment and regulate the climatizdaor while receiving the information in the full screen of 12 inches located in the upper.

Jaguar I-Pace Concept - frontal

The thin headlights full LED are one of the signs of identitdad of the Jaguar I-Pace Concept.

And if outside little, the new prototype of Jaguar also features a HUD (Head-Up Display) as well as the system of information and entertainment InControl Touch Pro with which to enjoy an environment completely connected and make use of different tools and applications.

An electric vehicle versatile, and functional

Jaguar wants his first electric to offer a wide versatility and functionality. The idea is to have an SUV ideal for the day-to-day as for excursions, sporadic. To the already mentioned, wide wheelbase and overhangs trimmed we must add its dimensions. Only 4.680 x 1,890 mm. It is for this reason that, despite its exterior dimensions compact, its cabin is very spacious.

Is more, Jaguar makes reference to the rear seats of the I-Pace Concept will offer the same comfort and space to its occupants that some SUV and large size luxury saloon car. To all this we add the trunk that cubes 530 litres as well as a trunk front located under the hood that offers an additional capacity of 28 litres.

Jaguar I-Pace Concept - posterior

Its curved form and smooth contrast so important with a behind that it conveys robustness.

The electric range of over 500 kilometers

With permission from all above, we come to the most important key that provides us with the all-new Jaguar R-Pace Concept. And is your electrical mechanics. In their guts, this prototype incorporates the powertrain we’ll see in the production model. Account with a total of two electric motors (each acting about one axis) that yield a total power of 400 HP and 700 Nm while it also allows this SUV electric enjoy of a configuration of a four wheel drive.

Although we still do not have all the figures of its performance, Jaguar has already warned us that is capable of accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in about 4 seconds. We do not know what maximum speed you can achieve. These two engines we must add the package lithium ion batteries 90 kWh with liquid cooling. In cycle NEDC fixed a autonomy above 500 miles while according to the EPA, this figure is reduced to little more than 354 miles. Personally I am guided more by the second data.

to reload, batteries can be recharged to 80% in just 90 minutes and to 100% in a little over two hours. Always and when we use a DC charger of 50 kW.

Jaguar I-Pace Concept

Fixed more than 500 km of autonomy according to the cycle NEDC.

Technical Characteristics of Jaguar R-Pace Concept
electric Motors 2
total Power 400 HP
maximum Torque 700 Nm
Traction Power to the four wheels
Battery Li-ion battery pack of 90 kWh
Autonomy (NEDC) more than 500 km
Autonomy (EPA) over 354 km
Acceleration 0-100 km/h in about 4 seconds