Jaguar Land Rover begins driving tests autonomous


The race for driving autonomous is unstoppable, some manufacturers have further developed their developments and others less, but all have been involved to offer this technology in all their models.

The latest to announce that it will begin testing in real conditions of circulation has been Jaguar Land Rover, with a fleet of units of the two brands have already begun to criss-cross the streets of Coventry, in the same town, uk where it is located the headquarters of the two brands.

The manufacturer has confirmed that the tests will continue through the year 2018 as part of the program Autodrive in which they have invested £ 20 million by providing the test units of communication, “car-play” and can transmit information between vehicles to improve driving and safety, as well as with the infrastructure of traffic.

The first units to board a Range Rover perform tests of driving autonomously in Great Britain

The goal of Jaguar Land Rover is the same as that of other european manufacturers, the of go including driving functions semi-autonomous they still require the participation of the driver in the driving, but that in the case of the models of these two brands will continue to have a crucial role to the driver.

With the passage of time in the actual tests, Jaguar Land Rover aims to analyze all situations and detect the complexities of the environment to increase road safety, and develop a driving technology autonomous self-taught able to adapt to any situation, both on asphalt and off-site, expanding the possibilities of the models of Land Rover more specifically.

trials in the town began in Coventry last week and will spread to a dozen other cities around the world in the coming months, even those with tough climatic conditions to achieve maximum information on the behavior of the technology and of the vehicles under any circumstance in order that its own autonomous vehicles connected can reproduce the behavior and human reactions when driving.