Jaguar Land Rover bets by driving autonomously off-road

Jaguar Land Rover conducción autónoma off-roadWhenever we think of the brand Land Rover will come to us to head off-road cars that can reach any part. It seems that the driving autonomous continues to progress, and while the rest of marks develop on the road, Jaguar Land Rover you want to arrive out of it. That’s why they are working on a technology that can detect the type of terrain or to avoid obstacles during driving off-road.

Thanks to a set of sensors, radar, and LIDAR that are ‘reading’ the terrain, it can detect changes in the firm to a distance of up to 5 meters. This will allow the vehicle adjust their behavior to each situation. Also included are cameras in the windshield that will detect any type of obstacle, from rocks to branches, allowing the vehicle to bypass.

All of the systems offer the vehicle a vision of 360 degrees and let you have a recreation of the terrain in three dimensions. The system Terrain-Based Speed Adaptation will cause the car to adjust its speed automatically, and may reduce it if there is an area bumpy. The Terrain Response is in charge of modifying the traction or suspension depending on the state of the surface.

Another of the bets of Jaguar Land Rover is the communication V2V (vehicle to vehicle). Thanks to it, the vehicles will be connected and will be able to data exchange. You could even form a convoy and to exercise one of guide. Driving autonomous is more and more near, and apparently it may also have a off-road use. The british brand still has not given dates so that we can see this technology in a production car.

Jaguar Land Rover conducción autónoma off-roadSource – Jaguar Land Rover