Jaguar – Land Rover they also build their cars in Slovakia

domains Jaguar – Land Rover extend and reach up to Slovakia, where the british firm will have a new factory, already confirmed and with a production that will start in 2018.

The construction of this new plant will start in 2016.

After the purchase TATA in 2008, Jaguar – Land Rover began a process of expansion that has led the company to have facilities in China and Brazil, to which is now added Slovakia, in addition to the facilities in Uk.

This new factory would be located in Nitra and as he pointed out the own brand is shuffled before locations in Mexico, united States of America and Poland, thanks mainly to their good infrastructure.

The plant will have an initial capacity of 150,000 vehicles, being able to increase to 300,000 units this production, being still an open question whether the models here are joined.

Near this production facility there are facilities of KIA (Zilina) and Volkswagen/Audi (Bratislava) in addition to PSA (Trnava).