Jaguar-Land Rover will continue to use the term to Defend

Land Rover Defender

Front of the Land Rover Defender equipped with the package “Black”.

At the end of the month of January (more specifically the 29th) we did echo of a sad news. And, after almost seven decades, she put an end to the production of the Land Rover Defender. One of the suvs most iconic in the automotive industry as we said goodbye. Currently it is only possible to find it in the market of occasion and all of this while we await the arrival of his successor.

is nothing new to say that the charismatic Land Rover Defender will have a successor, while seeking to maintain the essence of the off-road original, will cargadísimo of news. And although it had been speculated that Land Rover could choose to change his name, it shall not be so. Proof of this is that Jaguar-Land Rover is renewing the ownership rights to the name “Defender” where you have registered.

In this way, Jaguar-Land Rover is saved back to be able to continue using this trade name during the time it deems appropriate. As we have said previously, much had been commenting on whether it would be positive or not that the the successor of the Land Rover Defender call in the same way because, although visually not see a model that is very different, internally little relationship be saved.

Land Rover Defender

The new Land Rover Defender will seek to maintain, in addition to the name, the essence of the off-road original.

Although, at the moment there is not much official information about it, it is expected that by the end of this decade (talking about the year 2019) the new Land Rover Defender is already on the market. A model that will be a lot more efficient in comparison with the Defender that were discontinued recently. And that is, the emission regulations were one of the main reasons why Land Rover decided to stop producing it and focus on developing a new model.

In terms of the concrete details of the new Defender, the reports and rumors circulating on the net are at times somewhat contradictory. However, the details in which match all of the information that have come to light are that the new Land Rover Defender will make use of a new range of engines Igenium of last generation as well as a chassis monocoque aluminum.

Another of the aspects that will the day be the (technological, enjoying one of the last systems developed by the british firm. And although the interior will improve in quality, remain away from models of the range Range Rover. It is logical to think in an evolution of the current project.