Jaguar Land Rover will have engines Ingenium six-cylinder in-line

Motores Ingenium Jaguar Land RoverAccording to Coach, Jaguar Land Rover is working on the expansion of its family of engines, modular Ingenium. The next step for the british group will be the development of new engines six-cylinder in-line, in order to use the V6 engines source Ford. This new range of engines Ingenium six-cylinder would be made in the center of the motors of Wolverhampton.

Taking as starting point the modularity of engines Ingenium, Jaguar Land Rover is much easier to develop a six-cylinder engine in line. The engines Ingenium are designed with cylinders of 500cc capacity. In this way, a six-cylinder in-line Ingenium would have 3.0-liter displacement, or what is the same, it would be a 2.0 with two more cylinders. Also I would be developing an engine Ingenium 1.5-litre three-cylinder.

Land Rover SDV6

The V6 engines will disappear from Jaguar Land Rover

six-cylinder engines in line will be allocated to the most powerful models of the respective brands. The maximum length of a motor L6 front to a V6 is a challenge, but the platforms of aluminum D7a of JLR, as used in the XE, XF and F-Pace, they are prepared to accommodate these engines longer. Turn to the architecture of inline six-cylinder versus the V6 makes the mechanical complexity of the motors to be smaller and require fewer elements, making them more economic and light of produce, so that would have a direct impact on the efficiency of the cars.

These new engines, in diesel and petrol, will be prepared to be able to mounted in configurations of transverse and longitudinal for front wheel drive models, rear, total, and even with hybrid propulsion systems.

Despite the adoption of the range of engines Ingenium, the V8 engines will continue to exist at Jaguar Land Rover. The philosophy Ingenium cannot be applied to these motors and JLR will use third-party manufacturers for the supply of their mechanical more powerful. Currently, all of the V6 and V8 they use are source Ford.

Source – Coach