Jaguar records) XS, can substitute for the current XJ?


The current Jaguar XJ is on the tightrope.

A recent patent application carried out by Jaguar to register a denomination has put up the hare. The british brand presented in the record the name XS, precisely the name that was supposed to use the current XE, but that was finally not chosen by the firm to baptize their mid-sized sedan.

The british Jaguar is one of those brands that we consider classic, and not what we say, for more than 70 years in the market with that name, but by their ways and traditional customs. The british firm, originally founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922 (it was not until 1945 and after several mergers that began using the current name) Jaguar has always been characterized by staying true to his legacy.

Although in recent years, and thanks to being under the umbrella of the indian giant Tata, the brand is living a second youth, with the most comprehensive range of its history, and with plans to expand it even more. Models like the current F-Pace or the future I-Pace and J-Pace would have seemed impossible few years ago, but today we find a very different reality in the british home. So a new name as XS does not sound so far-fetched, although the question is clear, what model could adopt these acronyms?.


The I-Pace will be the first pure electric of the brand.

The options you can consider are several. On the basis that as they do many car manufacturers might be just a registry to make sure the ownership of the acronym, simply because they fit in with your current system of nomenclature, and that therefore there is the possibility that they are not related to any current project, so that the log would remain in a drawer until needed.

otherwise, or are designed to provide a future model for which nothing is known for the time being, or, these acronyms could belonging to the substitute for one of the current models of the range. And the model that most fits this last possibility is the current XJ, a product line that is not going through its best moment, precisely, and that it has come to mean even that will be eliminated with the end of this generation.

rumors aimed at the elimination of the current XJ, the last model that conformed to the traditional canons of the mark, and that in its last iteration adopted an image that was precisely to get away in the plane of the aesthetic of their predecessors. However, sales have not responded to the expectations created by the brand and therefore little were slow to appear these rumors, which recently were contradecidos by a report that ensures that the brand has approved a new draft of sedan super-luxury, whose mission is not only to create a replacement to the current XJ, but redesign the concept of the model. In this scenario, is where precisely fits the new name.


The current XJ could change the name.

The Jaguar XJ is not only the saloon, the largest of the range, it is also the flagship of the brand and the model that connects directly to your legacy. His disappearance, or at least, the absence of a model positioned as this could be a drubbing at the level of the image for Jaguar.

so it is plausible that the mark in question to continue to maintain that gap in the market, although a model is clearly different with the current. For the moment, no data appeared on the new model, so that we don’t know who is posing Jaguar on the design table. Although we find it very curious that the name XS, in English is pronounced in a way very similar to the word “excess” (excess).