Jaguar thinking of a replacement for the XJ in the next two years

The XJ carries on the market from the year 1968. After almost 50 years in the market, the berlin representative of Jaguar has lived through multiple stages and changes to commercial, passing through the hands of British Leyland, Ford and now Tata. Despite this, the Jaguar XJ has continued unperturbed evolution, but it is expected that his replacement for the next few years.


The Jaguar XJ is around 100,000 euros and saved a great luxury within him

This does not mean that the Jaguar XJ will go away, although certain voices within the british house support the motion, but that can become more “practical,” as they claim. The replacement will take to arrive, will be in 2018 when Jaguar will have the operational capacity enough to take it a step further in its development.

Expect to increase their sales figures, although never above a million units per year, because of overcoming such a figure considered that the exclusivity and the aurea luxury that Jaguar would dissolve. In their own words they do not want to reach out to BMW or Audi in terms of market share, they are comfortable where they are and Tata supports them in this.

All of this information has been confirmed by Ian Callum, the great chief designer of Jaguar-Land Rover. It was also asked by the possibility of a SUV below of the new Jaguar F-Pace. To this the lord Callum responded with that they always think of that possibility, though at the moment there is nothing concrete for the future.


We are in front of the platform and more technological and refined that Jaguar is able to conceive

While both the Jaguar XJ, which has been updated a few months ago, will continue to provide its service to the higher social spheres, and going up against the all-powerful German rivals like the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S Class and Audi A8. A small quantity of units for a market for extremely exclusive.