Jaguar will not have more family models

Jaguar XF Sportbrake familiar

Jaguar XF Sportbrake, the second and final family of the Jaguar

If you like bodies and family Jaguar is your brand of choice, you have to know that hardly will be repeated this combo. Throughout its history, only the Jaguar X-Type in 2004 and the Jaguar XF in 2012 have had body family. Neither the Jaguar XE or the new Jaguar XF have at the moment versions family or Sportbreak, as the named brand. And nor will have, if we ignore the statements by the chief designer of the brand, Ian Callum.

According to Callum, the sales of the bodies for relatives in Europe are declining given that in the rest of the markets are not in fashion these models, for Jaguar is very difficult to justify a model of these characteristics. In addition, Jaguar is in a more vulnerable position than other manufacturers, since their sales volumes are much lower, which makes it even more difficult for a model to be cost-effective.

Jaguar X-Type familiar

The Jaguar X-Type debuted the first body family

The own Ian Callum has stressed that Germany is the main country plaintiff bodywork family, but we are not caught by surprise by the fact that the germans, in their majority, buy German cars. Jaguar would not, therefore, a way to compete with Audi, Mercedes or BMW, all of them with at least two bodies family in your range. When in 2012 we launched the jaguar XF Sportbrake, the last family of the brand, the 30% of the sales of premium models similar to the XF corresponded to family.

Ian Callum has promised that in the future will make cars that will surprise, but not of the family. Now the brand is centered on the launch of its first SUV, the Jaguar F-Pace, a model that they hope will become the most sold of the brand. The SUV market is a powerful in virtually any region of the world, while family members only play in Europe.

Source – Automotive News Europe

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