Jaguar XE: 33,250 euros in promotion

If you are looking for a saloon of premium cut and want out of German alternative standard of BMW 3 Series, the new Mercedes C-Class or a newcomer Audi A4, you can value a Jaguar XE is promotion this month with an interesting price of 33,250 euros .

No promoting this alternative would have a starting price of 37,500 euros. A change requires us to fund the purchase.

This has promoted alternative mentioned a price of 33,250 euros , being necessary to welcome us to this fund the purchase price.

Mechanically we find the 2.0d diesel under the hood, with an output of 180 horses and has the Pure finish, a finish , the most basic of the range, offers us equipment climate control, alloy wheels, cruise control and electric handbrake as main attractions.

To learn more about the new Jaguar XE:

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