Jaguar XJ 2016, restyling for the British representative

jaguar xj 2016 1 Jaguar XJ 2016, restyling para el representante británico Before long we have seen a new generation of the Mercedes S Class, the restyling of the Audi A8 and more recently, the sixth generation of the BMW 7 Series With all the premium sedan segment F renewed, other brands such as Jaguar have also been forced to renew their products. The British manufacturer now presents Jaguar XJ 2016 , the restyling of its sedan representation.

The new Jaguar XJ introduced cosmetic changes, and mechanical equipment. Reach the Spanish market fall and the truth is that will not be easy to differentiate , at first sight, with the Jaguar XJ can find on dealers. As usual in its segment, the restyling is quite discreet , in order not to make a big difference with the previous model and hurt its resale value, among other things.

jaguar xj 2016 2 Jaguar XJ 2016, restyling para el representante británico Cosmetic changes focus on some new LED front headlights Full and the back pilots new internal design, but maintain verticality contrasts with the horizontality of models as Jaguar XE and XF new, based on a new design language. The front grille receives a less rounded and the lower air intake of the bumpers are more stylized. The rear bumper also presented a new light glossy black bottom.

The range of finishes has been restructured and among them are the new luxury Autobiography and R-Sport, with a sporty aerodynamic kit alloy wheels 20 “and an interior with steering wheel and sports seats. Luxury, Premium Luxury, Portfolio, R-Sport, XJR and XJ Autobiography versions are available in the XJ range, which continues to offer long wheelbase variant is the only one who can enjoy the luxurious completion Autobiography. Inside, the changes are limited to 2016 XJ best materials for leather upholstery and oak inserts.

A more powerful diesel and up to four cylinders

Jaguar XJ 2016 The engine range also updated. All engines meet the Euro 6 standard and some are more powerful and efficient. This is the case 3.0 V6 diesel , the only option for this in the Jaguar XJ. Switch 275 to 300 horses power and also increases its maximum torque of 100 Nm to 700 Nm. Two new turbos, new injectors, switchable water pump and an oil pump two stages are some of the elements that contribute to improvements in performance and efficiency. This engine also adopts an SCR catalyst with injection AdBlue to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to the levels set by the law.

Another noteworthy new 2016 Jaguar XJ is the arrival of a four-cylinder engine , something unheard of in the model. It is a 2.0 Turbo 240 hp gasoline already present in other models of the brand. Above supercharged engine with compressor, called Supercharged remain. It is a more modest 3.0 V6 of 340 horses, while the exciting V8 5.0 will be offered in versions of 470, 510 and 550 hp, the latter being the most powerful alternative model, the Jaguar XJR. The V6 gasoline may have an AWD system. The gearbox eight-speed automatic is standard on all versions.

Another improvement in the present 2016 Jaguar XJ is the new power steering . Leaving aside the hydraulic system of the previous versions, with a pump driven by the engine which is detrimental to the consumption of the sedan.

More technology

Jaguar XJ 2016 Jaguar XJ is one of the older models in its segment and therefore has been updated in technology using the occasion of the restyling. Get the new multimedia computer InControl Touch Pro with eight-inch touch screen, browser and 60GB hard drive. This screen can be customized and managed with gestures like those used in smartphones. passengers are offered a greater number of features.

Even the possibility of linking the car to your smartphone through an application that lets you check the status of the vehicle and even operate the climate control system is provided. The XJ 2016 can also act as WiFi access point with 3G connection for up to eight devices.

Jaguar XJ 2016 The rear seats can also enjoy an entertainment system with two screens of 10.2 “ that are hidden when not in use and the possibility of receiving television signals. As for sound equipment there are four options in the range, the most exquisite signed by Meridian, with 1,300 speakers w 26 .

Regarding technology applied to driving, the 2016 Jaguar XJ has a number of important developments. Premieres All-Progress Control Surface that helps speed in low adhesion. Works like a cruise control that can work low speed between 3.6 and 30 km / h and the driver will only have to worry about handling the steering wheel.

There is also a system for recognizing traffic signs, adaptive cruise control able to come to a halt, blind spot warning, Park Assist, 360 cameras and cross-traffic alert.

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