Jaguar XJ220 brand new with less than 800 kms for sale… on eBay!


This Jaguar XJ220 not even have the shoot done.

A Jaguar XJ220 with less than 800 kilometers is not one of those models that you expect to find advertising on eBay, however this is precisely the case. One of the best examples we can find of the model, in a state absolutely impeccable and original, and with virtually no use, despite the more than obvious age that treasures.

With a price tag of 519.000 $ for the immediate purchase, without having to wait for the auction, is not exactly cheap. In fact it would be the price registered highest ever paid for a unit of this model.

But analyzing it in perspective, as a collector piece can be a window of opportunity (not ganga), in the case of this specimen, being suitably well maintained and respecting to the maximum its low mileage, your buyer would be a safe value.


Only a couple of hundreds of individuals came out of the factory that was improvised for the model.

Analyzing the results of the sales of the model in recent years, we find that the 4 highest sales of the model have taken place between 2015 and 2016, with prices clearly higher than those obtained until 2014. As we can see in the logs above prices range between 379.500 and 462.500 $ , being the highest until 2014 only 204.758 dollars.

A copy of these features, with such low mileage it will be something an extremely rare find of new, although not impossible. As A comparison, the mileage that they had the vehicle listed above ranged between 2,800 and 6,000 kilometers. In comparison with these, the XJ220 of the images, with their 717 kilometers practically we can affirm that it has not exceeded even his shooting, and, if not new, any dealer could be defined as a vehicle “zero kilometer”.

This will, to be conserved and maintained correctly, that its value does not stop the upload in the next few years.


To be sold at the stipulated price, would be the record of an existing model.

Value has also taken off in recent times, since after years of stable prices, with values below $ 300,000 for the copies in state of bankruptcy -just 150,000 to those who were in a good state, from the middle of 2015, its price has risen as the foam. Currently reaching the 475.000 dollars for the first and 360,000 in the case of those who are in the second state.

This issue is probably the one that has less mileage now of which it becomes aware, so that is a good alternative within the less than 300 copies that manufactured Jaguar’s model, the more spectacular and eye-catching of the brand since the launch of the E-Type in 1961.

Interestingly, despite being one of the supercars more spectacular of the moment, in fact it was officially the production vehicle the world’s fastest for a few years, the XJ220 has never had the appreciation for the collectors who deserves. And all because of the naive perspectives of the brand, announced a few specifications, which then, after a development is extremely complex, we could not carry out.


Your V6 derived from that employed by the Metro Group B.

Although however their performance and the performance itself was stipulated from the beginning, managing to beat the supercars more advanced and performance of the moment. Including the Ferrari F40, Porsche 959 and Lamborghini Diablo. Not only was the production vehicle the world’s fastest, also held the record at the Nürburgring during almost the whole decade of the nineties.

Revealed initially in a sketch to color -in which he saw portrayed what appeared to be a Ferrari F40 in the rear view mirror – a few came to think that Jaguar really would be submitted shortly after the dramatic XJ220 prototype. They already had the final look of the production, but was somewhat longer and had a V12 engine derived the which used the XJR-9 Le Mans winner with a tremendously complex system of all-wheel drive.

Finally, the extremely high costs caused the project, which was born actually during the free time of the engineers (called the club of the Saturday), for a referral to a configuration is more logical for cost and weight, eliminating all-wheel drive and the heavy V12 in favor of a new V6 based V6 twin-turbo Austin Rover V64V.


X-ray of the prototype, with its V12 and all-wheel drive.

The end result was a vehicle identical to the concept to the naked eye, although slightly shorter, rear-wheel-drive and with a V6 3.5-liter and twin-turbo in place of the huge V12. All in all, the XJ220 is as long as it seems in the pictures, although only in the person truly appreciates what is low and wide it is. Its power end was from a few 550 HP (542 hp) with a performance that is pure and simple were the best of the era, culminating in the 349 km/h that got Martin Brundle, with the model on the circuit in Nardo.

As a curiosity, the name of the model is due to its maximum speed goal, 220 mph or 350 km/h. Likewise, it had better fuel consumption figures than other models of the range Jaguar of the time, thanks to the small V6 supercharged.

it Is a little known fact that the engineers responsible for the project, who met in their free time to work on the, used developments and engineering designs, discarded years before by the brand. A glance on the front of the project does not nadto of the F-Type from the eighties reveals the characteristic front which is then marketed in the form of the XJ220.