Jaguar XJR-15: The sporty more radical than has been the emblems of Jaguar


The almost unknown Jaguar XJR-15

to Appoint a sporty mid-engine Jaguar is basically mention the XJ220. The famous project created from a few employees who decided to dedicate his free time to build something of technology and design discarded by the brand, and that has gone down in history as “the hiperdeportivo” of the british firm.

however the reality is quite different, since eventually the XJ220 was actually manufactured by a company that was created ex-profeso between Jaguar and the structure of Tom Walkinshaw – in charge at that time of the sports program of Resistance Jaguar – although then it was marketed by Jaguar as such, and what is more important, before this there was the XJR-15, the more radical the own XJ-220, born with the same DNA as the biplazas of Group C of the brand british.

however, the XJR-15, is practically unknown, that only a few know. If you already knew which model it was before you read this article there are only 3 possible explanations: Either you have already a certain age or know a lot about cars or perhaps you play enough on the PlayStation.


Rack of the XJR-9 Group C and V12 engine.

The exemplary color blue that is in the pictures is a unit that we just turn on the news, since that has gone for the end of hiding after many years. In fact, with only 846 miles – a few 1.362 kms – is basically new, as preserved in a time capsule.

This is for sale on the premises of the specialist british Jeremy Cottingham, and has a price of to 400,000 Pounds (500.803 dollars or 464.314 euros).

Is a unit of 1991 (rack number 21) and is one of only 27 specimens were manufactured with specifications of road, a total of 50 XJR-15 manufactured. The rest served to create a glass-brand circuits.


An authentic racing car.

Its design was very simple, took as a basis the same unibody frame
of carbon fiber of the XJR-9
that competed in the category of Group C of the
Constructors ‘ world, the old World Sportscars Championship, and the
motor V12 6.0-liter.

450 CV, had a manual transmission 5
speeds and a rack are inherited directly from the XJR-9
virtually just tried to “soften” his radical behavior,
that was a race car homologated for street.