Jaguar XKSS, returned to life thanks to Jaguar Classic

Jaguar XKSSIn the month of march, Jaguar stated that it would produce 9 units of the legendary Jaguar XKSS, in the same way as had been done with the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight. This model of 1957 was limited to 25 units, but a fire in the plant of Brown Lane in February of that same year ended up with 9 units for the north american market that ended up totally baked and irreparable. A real pity.

Yesterday, Jaguar Classic presented by the first Jaguar XKSS for nearly 6 decades in the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, after the 16 units that yes they found recipients. This unit is a foretaste, a prototype of the nine who already have a new owner assigned, and that will be delivered in 2017, and is the result of 18 months of research and work.

Jaguar XKSSOne of the curiosities is that each and every one of the 9 Jaguar XKSS will be completely new, but will have the numbers original chassis of the time recovered from the XKSS charred. For its development, Jaguar Classic scanned multiple drives in the XKSS 1957, by searching an entire digital image of the vehicle, piece by piece, chassis, and bodywork. Also obtained information, of course, the original files of the model.

As in the XKSS original, 9 new units will be manufactured using a new mold, since the original does not exist. The entire process of mounting of the body will be done manually and will be exactly identical to the 16 that survived the fire, that is to say, with a body of magnesium alloy. The brakes will also be exactly the same as the model of 1957, with four brake discs. The engine is a 3.4 6-cylinder in line 262 HP of the Jaguar D-Type, including three Weber carburetors.

Jaguar XKSSAbsolutely everything is identical to the Jaguar XKSS original, wood steering wheel, stitching of the leather seats, boutonniere metal of the dashboard… The only change that the british brand has cited is the fuel tank, which will be of different materials to improve the safety in case of accident and for a correct circulation of the gas current.

9 units you will start to build in early 2017 and, according to Jaguar, it will take a few 10,000 hours to give life to each one of the 9 Jaguar XKSS. As we have said above, they already have an owner, those who have disbursed more than a million euros for his unit.