Jaguar XKSS, we know its price: how much will it cost the super sports car of 1957? the same thing that a supercar of 2016

The Jaguar XKSS back to life. What makes it such and as it did more than 50 years ago, with the same specifications, with the same design. Only there will be 9 units of this classic gem, this supercar original, but how much will it cost? we Already know price and as expected it will not be exactly cheap, though… how is it going to be?

The announcement today of his return is not a coincidence. Originally also presented in the Hall of New York:

Only will be produced in 9 units for a historical question: in 1957, burned 9 of the 25 units that were going to market the XKSS, now come back to life.

The Jaguar XKSS will have a starting price of 1 million pounds, what to change, in euros, leaving us with 1.266.000 euros. Jaguar has also announced that the first deliveries will occur in early 2017. We can assume that the 9 units to be manufactured already have an owner assigned.

According to the standards of original bodywork will be made of aluminum and under the hood will beat a mechanical 6-cylinder, in-line, and with a cubicaje of 3.4 liters, with a power of 250 horses. It is far from the current numbers are handled by supercars that already flirt with the 1,000 horses, but… imagine you have to be to drive a new car from 1957.

Tons of sensations and exclusivity.