Jaime Algersuari motorsport goodbye to 25 years old


Disenchanted with motorsports, Jaime Algersuari decided to put an end to that adventure, putting all his energies into his other passion, music is producing as a DJ.


F1 Grand Prix Of Brazil - Previews E he pilot of Spanish origin Jaime Alguersuari has decided to put an end to his racing career with just 25 years old. Alguersuari said he had lost interest in motorsport and has decided to leave the world of four wheels permanently.

The pilot began in lower grades, but managed to reach Formula 1 for a seat on Scuderia Toro Rosso , becoming at that time one of the youngest pilots grill. But by the end of 2011, Toro Rosso decided to dispense with his services . He tried without luck to return to the category and even participate in the DTM, but his chance to race the finally found the Formula E .

“The best thing that happened to me in life is to cast me in Formula 1 because it has made me stronger. I do not regret anything I’ve said or done, but I lost the love of cars “

But then fade after a career in Formula E, his license was suspended momentarily . Fortunately he managed to overcome these health problems, which did not influence their decision to move away from the circuit. In a career spanning two and a half years in the now former Formula 1 pilot ensures that things happened that should not have happened, but his intentions are to turn the page definitively.

disenchanted with racing Alguersuari decided to put an end to that adventure , putting all his energies on his other passion, music is producing as a DJ.



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