James Allison or Ron Dennis and Zak Brown Are In the McLaren?

Zak BrownBecause it seemed like something announced, Ron Dennis, who has led McLaren to success was to fulfill a deal with the dome of shareholders if they wanted to stay beyond this 2016 under the command of McLaren. Many heads of teams, and even Ecclestone have spoken about the departure of Dennis, without a doubt, you lose a large. Others such as Jordan have been tapped to throw some criticism the last few years of Ron.

For the ex-pilot, Ron Dennis claimed hits and he was a great man in the history of McLaren, but lately I was somewhat distracted from their work in F1, and more focused on the business of cars of the street. Be that as it may, Dennis sought out a few chinese investors who provided the necessary money, but the other shareholders disagreed with this and ended up giving it a kick.

James Allison, Ferrari, GP Australia 2014Ron Dennis has gone for the back door without making any noise, something that, for his career does not deserve. The news has been focused now on his possible replacement and it seems that the most coveted by Liberty (current owners of F1) as a replacement for Ecclestone, as for McLaren to fill the position of Dennis is Zak Brown. Ex-american pilot who was the raffle and we’ll see where it ends all of this comedy, as Dennis has appealed to the tribunal and the Courts have urged both parties to engage in dialogue…

And now to all this mess joins James Allison, the eminent engineer who was from Ferrari has rejected, according to some sources come at Williams, Renault and Red Bull. It seems that the future of Allison is between Mercedes and McLaren… And they say that Allison never wanted to go back to McLaren while Dennis was there, so that already has via free. Where will you turn? They are still speculations, but without a doubt it would be good to see him back at McLaren and see what you can do next to Peter. By the way, some rumors also stands to Paddy Lowe at Ferrari as sutituto of Mattia Binotto (placed provisionally in the gap left by Allison).