James Allison rule out return to Renault


Been two months since James Allison left the Technical Direction of Ferrari and today, ‘silly season’ of riders in the margin, is the man most desired in the paddock among the engineers and technicians of Formula 1. With more than 25 years of experience in the World, Allison can be a great asset to any team and several have been formations that have already been offered a job the technician of Louth. Your destination is not clear, but according to ‘Autosport’ there is already a computer that will not have their services because James Allison will not return to Renault.

Although in his long career he has held different roles in formations are as important as Benetton, Jabouille, or Ferrari, without doubt one of its stages, the more successful it was in Renault. Allison landed at Renault in 2005 as a Technical Director Attached to and formed part of the titles harvested by Fernando Alonso in a row. In 2009, James Allison went on to be Technical Director of the team, while maintaining this role with the arrival of Lotus F1 before joining Ferrari. However, James Allison has been ruled out for Renault to return to F1 despite the rapprochement that has conducted the training in June.

Allison feels that a fourth stage in Enstone is not appropriate after working with the French team as a Designer Junior, Chief of Aerodynamics and Chief Technical officer. This decision might well be associated to the lack of a solid project in Renault. All in all, James Allison has not yet made a decision and his return to the paddock of the Formula 1 is subject to working with a team based in the Uk to be able to reconcile their work with their family life, any time you need to take care of their three children after the tragic loss of his wife.