James Bond universe and its incredible car

My name is Bond, James Bond . The introduction of 007 is already part of popular culture that surrounds this audiovisual myth. Although it began as a series of books designed by Sir Ian Fleming have been 24 films – counting “Spectre” which will be released in the same 2015 – which have really catapulted into agent most famous secret of all time to stardom. And with this stardom, he has also exploited the popularity of his universe. One way or another, is pop culture and everything that has surrounded one of the most successful film franchises ever created.

When Q equipping 007 cars did not hesitate to provide them with lasers, machine guns, rocket launchers and tear gas.

could not ignore the automobile universe of the franchise . From the swings with Dr. No to oppressive and tense finale of “Skyfall” James Bond has always shared the limelight with four-wheel vehicles. Cars that have served the agent of MI6 to escape villains, terrorists and various minions. Cars that at no time were conventional, either by their origin or use. And of course, cars that have been modified by Q . The brain that endowed them with rocket launchers, lasers or the ability to turn into submarines. In short, part of the personality of Bond.


Aston Martin: From England with Love

If there is a brand that has been ubiquitous in the Bond saga has been Aston Martin . As British agent himself as Bond or Earl Grey tea was not until the third film – Goldfinger, 1964 – when he made an appearance on Aston Martin DB5 . Then newly launched, was an Aston Martin DB Mark III which 007 led in novels, but for promotional purposes, the beautiful DB5 was also the vehicle driven by Sean Connery in Thunderball, Goldfinger next film. Machine guns, smoke, an ejection seat … many gadgets that cemented the fame of the most famous car franchise.

If there is a ubiquitous brand in the James Bond saga, is undoubtedly the elegant Aston Martin.

In six films has appeared DB5 being almost cameos in recent years. However, he was able to beat a Ferrari F355 in Goldeneye and suffered a terrible fate in Skyfall , grazing bullets and missiles bad guy, played by our Javier Bardem . But you can rest easy, no DB5 was damaged in Skyfall: the special effects team sacrificed to an old Porsche 928 – similar in proportions and appearance – then superimpose a rendered image of valuable classic


james-bond-coches-curved-4 The Aston Martin DB5 was already replaced in the Century XXI – omitting two little notable appearances of Aston in the 70 and 80 – for DB V12 Vanquish , whose invisibility cloak has been considered one of the craziest gadgets of the entire saga. Daniel Craig has continued the tradition Aston Martin since. Moreover, there seems to be exclusive with Aston Martin: the Gaydon have continued to appear in the last films of Mr. Bond, and for Spectre, Daniel Craig will lead the spectacular DB10 , a concept car that anticipates the stylistic future of the brand as a sporty two-door coupe.

Pierce Brosnan and was BMW

Casino Royale used Ford to debut the then-new Mondeo. A Ford Ka also made a cameo.

Undeniably James Bond and marketing go hand in hand, going beyond the “product placement” and even serving for the presentation of prototypes. During the Brosnan era and except for his latest role in “Die Another Day”, the sophisticated 007 led several BMW . Maybe it was my age at that time, but I remember with special fixation BMW 750iL of “Tomorrow Never Dies” . The large saloon with motor V12 it was driven by remote control via an Ericsson mobile phone – curious that neither the brand already exists – and in a spectacular scene, was launched into space from the top of a parking, shop landing on the moon before the astonished gaze of an employee.

james-bond-coches-curved-2 in “Goldeneye” a BMW Z3 – then one of the great innovations of BMW – made a cameo at the beginning of the film. It says the move was so successful, that BMW accumulated delays in the delivery of the Z3 nearly a year after the premiere of the film. The trilogy was closed with the beautiful BMW Z8 of “The World is not Enough” , which despite having a body of titanium and missile surface to air ends cut in two. Yes, I fear a beautiful Z8 – in whose entrails inhabited the rabid 5.0 V8 400 hp of M5 E39 – I ended cut in two for the pleasure of spectators. I guess not car enthusiasts.

animated fantasies of yesterday and today in the form of car

The Land Rover Defender has been one of the protagonists of Skyfall, in an electrifying chase in and out of the asphalt.

Q was always a little unbalanced, and with the approval of M, equipping vehicles with Bond and all sorts of crazy gadgets. Although films in the past has tended toward realism – the DBS Casino Royale just hid a gun and a defibrillator, looking more like a car of Civil Protection – in the 70s many crazy things in the name of Bond were committed. Perhaps the craziest vehicle has driven all those Bond was the Lotus Esprit S1 from “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Itself an iconic vehicle 70 would be the first car to be Bond able to function like a submarine in question.

james-bond-coches-curved-3 In one memorable scene, after a chase by land only be described as epic, the Lotus puts to sea, where sea-air missile Helicopter knocks the bad. After underwater escape a new wave of henchmen, the Lotus out of the water by a tourist beach, to the amazement of swimmers in a scene with comic touches. Lotus is the same in Turbo version, in a scene from the film self-destructs following hitmen killing Gonzales, then recompose himself, as if it were Christine . Real stuff of science fiction, no doubt.

The unknown and forgotten

SPECTRE is the 24th film in the series, and will be released in just weeks.

Many more cars have plagued the Bond universe, including several cars Bond we have avoided for reasons of space or relevance. However, it is hard to forget the strange persecution set on the outskirts of Madrid where Citroen 2CV several escapes Peugeot 504 and recovers from a beat with the help of some friendly peasants. Surreal. Nor can we forget the Paris chase in which Roger Moore “descapota” a Renault 11, which ends halved, but still functional. The last film of Roger Moore as James Bond, where he is said to have been the worst car of the franchise.

james-bond-coches-curved-5 Coincidence? Quite possibly, as even the tuk-tuk Bajaj RE Octopussy could do wheelies with its modified propellant. Several Land Rover vehicles and various American origin as a AMC Hornet or a Lincoln Mark VI closed the automotive circle, without glory or privileged Aston Martin BMW . A car full review that but we should enjoy and savor again envisioning the 23 films available on the market 007. Has anyone told marathon? You shall put in the “Bond Girls”, but do not forget their inseparable companions wheel .

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