James May blown away with the Launch Control when it was discovered in “Godzilla” (video)

Nissan GT-R Nismo

Until very recently, exit at full speed from a standing start with a vehicle of high performance required, among other things, a great timing in the feet and be able to maintain the regime of the engine in a zone of high torque but without letting the tires were to lose adhesion with the ground. It’s easy to step on clutch, put in first, accelerate to the bottom and letting the clutch out suddenly in case of be manual. A lot of noise, lot of smoke, but little effectiveness.

a time to this part, the technology and the multitude of sensors equipped with the vehicles, especially the high-performance, have allowed us to develop specific programs to facilitate the start from stopped drivers. Instead of having to be messing with the scheme of turn, vary carefully as soon as step on the accelerator and try not to skid; simply step on a button, left foot brake, right foot sinking the accelerator, release the brake and let the electronics take care of the rest.

The Nissan GT-R was one of the first vehicles to have this system, which as you all know is named “Launch Control”. If it were not for him, this model would not be able to stop the clock in the 0 to 100 in just 3 seconds. James May discovered the Launch Control precisely with “Godzilla”, when I worked for the program Top Gear of the BBC, alongside Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson.

Precisely in the channel of YouTube of Jeremy Clarkson has been recently released the video that we have prodded a little further up, in which we can view as James May hallucinates with the operation of the Launch Control in the Nissan GT-R. The former presenter of Top Gear is not tired of repeating again and again the launch sequence, not leaving to be astonished at each “launched”.

have You tested on a model with the Launch Control? If you have the chance, do it and feel the maximum acceleration possible, but also easy to overdo it, because it will reduce the life of the vehicle.

Nissan GT-R

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