James May is officially out of Top Gear


The future of Top Gear shows each more gloomy day. Wishes James May not to participate in the show, unless Jeremy Clarkson is restored, which officially leaves him out of the race today met.


Top Gear Talent L he possibility of Top Gear returns to the screen mode in which we knew Howon and rather remote. After leaving his host Jeremy Clarkson because of an altercation with a member of the production James May one of the co-presenters said he will not participate show if not Clarkson.

James May refuses to participate in Top Gear without the presence of Clarkson.

James May confirm that will not return to Top Gear unless Jeremy Clarkson be restored, which we know from the BBC itself will not happen.

May added that show with Jeremy substitute would be something that would not be willing to accept and went further by stating that his companion Richard Hammond does not agree with that idea that for ensuring show can operate all three should be together.

But he said want to continue working for the BBC and did not rule out the three presenters can any one day be together again in the future. This means both that Top Gear could return next year three new presenters and opens the possibility for three to undertake a new path , knowing that Clarkson is already designing a new show .

However May believes the popular Top Gear team could return in the future when the echoes of the scandal have faded. Is that the BBC has not completely closed the door to the return of Jeremy and who have not fired but did not renew his contract at the moment , which considers a subtle difference, but also important.





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