James Rodriguez fled from the Civil Guard, believing that it was a kidnapping


once in a when we know the news about athletes that have little to do with the sports they practice. The last to do so has been James Rodríguez, who wanted to escabillirse of a Opel Astra camouflaged that we chased from the M-40. James, at the wheel of a Audi R8, was traveling at over 200 km/h, depending on the version of the agents (with the presumption of veracity).

The car camouflaged was performing tasks of surveillance routine in the M-40, which is one of the roads monitored in the country, outstanding high-end cars by if they could have been stolen. When they crossed over with the R8 of James, this doubled the speed limit, and they wanted to give him the high with optical signals and public address, which the player ignored.

Upon reaching Valdebebas, James wanted to get away from the agents as in the parcheesi, I was at “home”. The private security prevented from passing initially to the agents, who subsequently entered the premises and asked for the documentation to the player. While we were there, without report James is facing road traffic offences and disobedience to authority, with the aggravating circumstance of wanting to abscond.

The first version of the player is that was not aware of the signals of the agents to give you the high, and was going fast at the training by the rush. Then gave a second version, believed to be the victim of a kidnapping, something more typical of their country of origin, by not having the car labeling police as usual. This latter implies that it ignored deliberately the signals of the police car.

James is not the first nor the last footballer who is hunted on a public road running too, not to use a seatbelt or driving with the card removed. The brand Audi gives their cars to the Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, in virtue of a sponsorship, but already on several occasions that the sponsorship does not come to the press with positive connotations.

almost two years Ago, Karim Benzema, on the same road, was surprised to 195 km/h. The consequences were 18,000 euros fine -chump change for that level of income – and eight months of withdrawal of a licence, but no prison sentence. When a person has no criminal history, first conviction has no consequence if it is less than two years. Surely James will face a penalty very similar.