Jannarelly Design-1, a roadster pocket-Made in Dubai

The british Anthony Jannarelly is one of the designers most active in the world of automotive in the past few years. In motor we met him eight years already, when he presented his particular vision of a hypothetical car of Apple, which he named as Apple iMo. By that time he was still a student at the university, but since then, its visibility has increased exponentially to the point of having designed a supercar that is already in production.

we Talk about the Lykan Hypersports, a beast of 770 HP designed in Dubai by W Motors. However, Jannarelly seems not to have complied with have been able to design a supercar that has come into production (usually these projects are left in limbo by the centuries of the centuries), and his ambition is such that he has reached the point of having created his own brand of cars. Is called Jannarelly and has already presented its first model, the Jannarelly Design-1.

janarelly-design-1-3For the debut of its own brand, Jannarelly has chosen to create a roadster of court marking retro, with clear reminiscences of the golden age of this type of bodywork. In fact, we note the influence of the design of a british roadster from the 60s, while the Design-1 has some traits are more aggressive and cut more racing. It measures 3.86 metres long and weighs just 710 kg, so this is all a feather-weight ready to offer fun to the more pure style roadster.

however, its architecture differs from that of a convertible two-seater classic, your propeller is located in a central position. The engine is a 3.5 V6 304 Nm, a considerable size for a car of this type, and transmits its power to the rear wheels through a gearbox six-speed manual. Also features a limited slip differential. On paper, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 dazzling seconds and reaches a top speed of 225 km/h.

janarelly-design-1-9The tubular chassis is made of steel and panels made of aluminium. Jannarelly announces that the body will be available in fiberglass or in carbon fiber, option that will surely assume an important increase in the final bill. Inside the atmosphere is clean and spartan, with the simplicity and weight savings by flag. The carbon fiber is also found in the interior, both in the construction of the cabin at the base of the seats.

According to Jannarelly, the Jannarelly Design-1 is going to enter production soon, since they have scheduled to deliver the first units over the summer. They claim that they have 20 firm orders and 80 samples of interest. On their website you can already consult the distribution network (they already have a distributor in Europe) and even the equipment that includes the special version launch. The starting price is $ 55,000 before taxes.

The eternal big question is, as always: do come to fruition this new adventure, or join the list of projects that were killed by pure ambition?


Source: Jannarelly