Japan approves mirrors digital

BMW i8 mirrorless, it is Not rare today to meet with prototypes non-mirrors traditional. The brands use this resource as a design exercise, in addition to better aerodynamics and show their technology. For the moment we have only seen in concept cars, but can we see it someday on the streets? In Japan seems to be that they will see him very shortly.

The government of japan has approved the use of the mirrors digital in substitution to the traditional larger. From this same year would get the first production models with cameras to both sides. In the inner the image will be projected on the screens, in the same way that we have already seen in some models such as the BMW i8 Mirrorless, presented at the last CES in Las Vegas.

BMW i8 mirrorless

BMW i8 Mirrorless

The provider japanese Ichikoh Industries is already providing a system of mirrors and digital-to-some model are still unknown. The approvals will be available from the month of August and this company hopes that the 29% of the vehicles sold in Japan incorporate this system to the year 2023. For brands would be more advantages than disadvantages, since that would not only affect to the cars at the design level.

The use of rear-view mirrors digital also would improve the aerodynamic coefficient and reduce the wind resistance and therefore the noise and vibration. The screen on the inside would give us high quality images even in situations less favorable as with rain or by night. Japan is the first country to incorporate mirrors digital, but time will tell if other countries are above the legal barriers and follow him in this practice

Source – Automotive News