Jarama Classic 2016: 30 images with “babearás” if you are a true petrolhead

This weekend, circuit of Jarama was filled with classic (and go classic) on the occasion of the first edition of the Jarama Classic, a first edition of an event that you have picked several classic races, with disciplines that have taken up the path from madrid to spectacular prototypes, Group C, Le Mans, exquisite GTs Italian, cars, pedigree… a real show with a repertoire of cars of excellent level that Paul Cave has wanted to share with us with a good image gallery.

A Ferrari 512 BB LM, a Ferrari 250 LM, a BMW M1 Procar the charm of the decorations of classical (Jagermeister, Marlboro, Martini, Warsteiner,…) and see prototypes of Le Mans in the pit of the Jarama, several Porsche 911, some other Jaguar E-Type and Shelby Cobra, a Porsche 356 with an Italian accent, of the hand of the Porsche Abarth 356B Carrera GTL…

a special Mention is for an exclusive Ferrari 250 GT SWB “Breadvan”, one of the cars that get the most looks grabbed, and with good reason, it’s not every day you see a mount of similar size.

A, in short, great weekend with a quote that we hope to perpetuate in time, with a level of mounts amazing and perfect couple even plan weekend petrolhead.

Time of enjoy the gallery of pictures bequeathed to us by Paul Cave.

Jarama Classic - Pablo Cueva Photo - 12 - art

Gallery of images of the Jarama Classic 2016 by Paul Cave: