Jay Leno helps us to know all the details of the Jaguar XKSS

Jaguar XKSS réplica

last week we, we told you that Jaguar Classic had already begun to work on the 9 units of the Jaguar XKSS that he wanted to give life. In addition, last Thursday the british company showed a replica of the legendary sports of the 50’s in the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, on the will be based to build 9 units.

in case you don’t remember, Jaguar had planned to market a “roll” of 25 units of the Jaguar XKSS; but a a major fire in the plant of production of Brown Lane, where it was giving life to this model ate 9 of 25 Jaguar XKSS, causing some irreparable damage on the 9 units that never arrived to make, until now.

months Ago, the british company reported that the 9 Jaguar XKSS that never got to roll deserved to reincarnate, and would carry out their production with exact replicas, keeping even the numbers of chassis. As we already did with the famous Jaguar E-Type Lightweight, subsidiary Jaguar Classic the occur at hand while keeping all the technical specifications of the 16 units which, fortunately, if they saw the light in the decade of the 50.

Jay Leno, the well-known humorist american and a great fan to the automobile, and the Director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic help us, in the video that I have left just above, to know all the details, secrets, and curiosities of the legendary Jaguar XKSS with a real drive.

To any person who is not a lover of cars it must be difficult to understand that a car with 6 decades behind can raise so much excitement. Even more difficult must be the understanding that a unit produced today with the same specifications, qualities and details that a car of 60 years ago might cost more than 1 million euros, and to overpower the people practically fight for any of the 9 units.

Source – Jay Leno’s Garage