Jay Leno teaches us a BMW 2002 with the engine of the M3 E30 [video]

This BMW 2002 has been modified and its engine has been replaced by a four-cylinder engine of 230 HP inherited from a BMW M3 E30.

Andhis week Jay Leno led to his tv show a BMW 2002-1976 built by Marc Norris, who replaced the original engine by a four-cylinder naturally aspirated legacy a BMW M3 E30, with their 230 CV, doubles the power of the original engine.

it Also has some mechanical elements such as additional brakes signed by Wilwood, a new change of five speeds and wheels Alpine of greater diameter. Its external appearance remained virtually unchanged, with a fender something more bulky, a new splitter up front and in the rear, the bumper was replaced by one with european specifications.

Jay Leno does not save compliments to describe this BMW 2002 modified by Marc Norris, not only for the driving experience, but also the interior comfort and even the sound of their exhaust. But the best thing is that you see in the video attached to this article.