JE Design makes it more interesting to the Volkswagen Touareg 7P R-Line

JE Design Volkswagen Touareg 7P R-Line

JE Design offers us the possibility of increasing the performance of the Touareg 7P R-Line.

The guys from JE Design have introduced their new enhancement package to the Volkswagen Touareg 7P R-Line. A program of settings specifically created for the last “facelift” (washing of face) that received this model a little over a year. A package that, as we will see throughout the article, is comprised of both a new level of aesthetics (both exterior and interior) as well as different modifications to the mechanistic level.

In the first place, it jumps to the view that the Volkswagen Touareg 7P R-Line prepared by JE Design is wearing a body kit compound among other elements by a new front spoiler, a roof spoiler, rear, a rear diffuser of important dimensions as well as a new front grille. The body kit for the SUV Volkswagen has a cost of 4,760 yards euros and despite the new diffuser, you can continue using the hitch for towing. Also evident is that the wheel arches have been widened, while the suspension has been lowered.

To complete everything quoted above, JE Design offers us the possibility of wearing a wheels “SUV-Select” 55 22 ” with a matte black finish and wrapped with tyres 295/30/R22 for the low price of 2.990 euro. Optionally, it offers us the possibility of painting the edges of the wheels in the same color of the body. Although in this case it is not clarified if you have any extra costs.

JE Design Volkswagen Touareg 7P R-Line

Find news visual both in the exterior and in the interior.

Leaving to one side the exterior changes and focusing on the interior, even if the preparer has not revealed images, points out that there are also innovations. And is that has added a few plates of brushed stainless steel in the thresholds of the doors, and we can see the logo of the company. It also has added a package of ambient light in a bluish tone.

Going to the (mechanic Volkswagen Touareg prepared by the guys from JE Design, we find a important performance improvement for the V6 TDI passing of the 262 HP and 580 Nm maximum torque developed in series to 285 CV and 650 Nm respectively. Thanks to this increase of the power and the torque maximum, the well-known SUV German improved his sprint from 0 to 100 km/h as it now is completed in 7.1 seconds.

The kit of empowerment has a cost of 1.649 euros, and in addition includes a two-year warranty for the engine and the transmission. And if you can afford it, at an extra cost of 595 euros, you can install two exhaust outlets stainless steel. A visual detail that will transmit a more sporty character and energetic.

JE Design Volkswagen Touareg 7P R-Line

The front of the Volkswagen Touareg 7P R-Line prepared by JE Design, to detail.

All of the components mentioned above include the documentation and official reports about its approval. In addition, the body kit also comes with a certificate of inspection swiss. All the above prices include taxes. Yes, it is not including paint and the cost of assembly of all elements.