Jean Todt regrets the coincidence of Le Mans and the F1


The hopes fade away. Unless miracle last minute, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the European grand prix of F1 match in the weekend of the 19th of June, 2016. So much so that Jean Todt has apologized for the coincidence, although shields the decision in the difficulty that exists to balance the calendars of the major championships of the FIA as F1, WEC, WTCC, WRC or Formula E. Although there’s still almost a month until the meeting of the World Council of the FIA, it will be difficult to see a change of dates.

Almost a month later, Jean Todt wanted to give explanations. According to the head of the FIA, the original calendar of the F1 approved at the beginning of summer hq for the European Grand Prix on the weekend of July 17. However, the need to maintain a summer break of four weeks in the F1 World and the differences of the Malaysian GP and the Singapore GP on the initial dates have forced the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone to make this decision. However, in 2016 there will be 21 grand Prizes of F1.

in this respect, Jean Todt, stated: “Organize a work schedule is very difficult. We have 21 races in Formula 1, 10 races in the Formula E, 10 races in the Endurance World and 14 rallies of the Munndial. It is almost impossible to make a calendar without any sticking point”. The representative of the FIA in addition to added in a tone of apology: “I have confidence in Le Mans. The Start of the Grand Prix will be at noon, and Le Mans will end at 15 hours. This may prevent to compete at Le Mans, one or two pilots. I’m sorry to say that we cannot do better”.