Jean Todt wants to bring Formula E to India


The Formula E is a value upwards. The category of single-seaters-electric FIA has managed in little more than two seasons, made a name for himself on the international scene, but has become a very attractive for the major cities of the world. New York, Montreal or Brussels will host in 2017, its first ePrix, while other cities have already requested to have a gap in the calendar in future seasons. One of the options that it manages the Formula E is moving in India, the possibility that Jean Todt has valued during his recent visit to the country.

“I have a lot of respect for what you are doing in India with the construction of a circuit at the international level for the Formula 1 in New Delhi. I Think it is a pity that we don’t have more categories international here. It is not only about Formula 1, but also is the World of Resistance and many other championships. I Hope that sooner or later India may be the stage of events as a ePrix Formula E. The team Mahindra is doing a good job and very soon I should have a career in India”, claimed Jean Todt in a statement to ‘Press Trust of India’.

The presence of Mahindra Racing in Formula E should
to facilitate this goal
, every time the indian manufacturer in addition has great
interests on the transfer of the electrical technology used in competition to their
street vehicles. In this regard, Mahindra is already organized a contest for that
the fans help to design a street circuit in New Delhi and
any way took part of the letter of intent presented by the government
state the promoter of the Formula E. In fact, India was one of the candidates
more solid to host an ePrix before to confirm the schedule 2016-17