Jeep confirms a Wrangler pick up in the next generation

Jeep Wrangler pick upWas almost confirmed, but now it is real. Marchionne has confirmed at the recent Detroit motor show that there will be a new Jeep Wrangler pick up. It is a double news. The first is that it ensures a continuity of the Wrangler that some were unsafe, and the other is that we finally get a body more practice at one of the off-road favorite with the public. It will be, as they say from the Jeep, a safe success.

Many were the users who were eager to see a body of these features in the Wrangler, a body more practice. It is not that it is a car of work that can compete with, for example, the rated Ford F-150. The shots are going more for the way of recreation and the preparations. There are many preparatory workshops which they called for a pick-up with base Wrangler.

Jeep Wrangler pick upwe do Not know of data, but yes, we sentenced that will come with the new generation of the model. That is to say, there will be still wait at least a year. Speaking of 2017 as the date for the presentation of the new Wrangler, and from there will come the pick-up derivative. We hope that you will offer, as does the Wrangler current, with body and short body long.

for months talked about the possibility to equip the Wrangler with a new aluminum chassis that got to reduce the weight of the assembly. Jeep is covered in the regulations, anti-pollution, even coming to fear a loss of skills off road that would result in a car more comfortable and usable, but without the halo killer and all-terrain which has always touted the model of the american brand.

The Jeep Wrangler pick up will be surely a base exquisite for a multitude of preparers looking for a car entertainment all-rounder with a space back to the discovered. In fact, there are already some coaches who believe pick up a base Wrangler as per the demand of the public. Marchionne is confident that it will be a success. So as to expand production in response to an avalanche of orders.

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