Jeep Crew Chief 715, a honorable salute to the military jeeps of yesteryear

In the Easter Safari in Moab (Utah), Jeep has presented seven prototypes. Seven ideas that could in some cases have commercial outlets, and in others are directly exercises design. This Jeep Crew Chief 715 falls more in the second category, but it is a tribute to the military jeeps, which we could not ignore. Next to the Jeep Trailcat of which you yesterday spoke, it seems to us the best that has been presented on the world’s largest concentration of Jeep.

Is based on a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, which has dressed “mili”.

The first thing that calls the attention is that the Wrangler Unlimited’s departure has been converted into a pick-up. In its back part there are two banks of seats, as well as space for jerrycans of fuel. The front of the pick-up is a nod of course to the fantastic Kaiser Jeep M715, the inspiration for this prototype to the full. It also shares with that small military truck off-road tires narrow 40-inch – mounted on steel wheels 20 inches – with a very old-school.

jeep-crew-chief-moab-2Shafts Dana 60, a kit lift 10 centimeters and shock absorbers Fox Racing completed a gear train truly capable off-road. Although the engine is 3.6 V6 remains as standard, with the aid of a winch in case of problems. Impacts against hard objects you should not problematic thanks to the huge bumper of steel. In its interior it has various switches inspired by the aviation as well as the two-seat rugged leather.

jeep-crew-chief-moab-3The final touch is “Jeep”, written in font old in the back of the box.

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