Jeep Experience Days, aim to reach the volcano Etna


The range Jeep to the full-formed part of the expedition to the volcano

Each year, Jeep brings together a small and select group of european customers to make an expedition of two days and well show the qualities and advantages of your fleet. On this occasion, Italy has been the stage. A route that departed from Catania to to get to one of the world’s most active volcanoes: Etna.

Few places in the earth there are best to put to test the qualities of off-road of a Jeep. But not all those routes are complicated and rocky. With the passing of the years the family Jeep has been completing that character campero with some great skills road motorcycles, something that was demonstrated in these two days.

33 vehicles formed a caravan. All models of the signature, the Jeep Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee, the legendary Jeep Wrangler and the Italian-american and more recent Jeep Renegade. This quartet does not stop at nothing, or to a stream, a road complicated and not even to the second most active volcano in the world.


Etna is active, one of the world’s most active

As is the tradition in Jeep, all units were equipped with all-wheel drive, although depending on the model, change the systems, to be available the Jeep Active Drive, Active Low, Active Drive Lock 4×4, coming to the Quadra-Trac SRT full-time 4×4 exclusive of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.

, And this model attracted a great number of compliments over the two days of the expedition. And the truth is not to to less. Under its hood installed a V8 engine Hemi 6.4 liter and 468 horsepower. A madness that attendees could try on the runways at a nearby airport.

based on what we see in the images, the two days of the Jeep Experience Days met the set target. Enjoy the roads and the footpaths to the backs of some of the 4×4 more classics on the market. Because in the end a Jeep is not driving, enjoy. We’ll see which route to prepare for the coming year.