Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit: because a Jeep can also be premium

When we think of an SUV-premium large size, we think of a Audi Q7 or a BMW X5. Rarely think of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, very capable both on and off the asphalt, but without the luxury and the refinement of the German high-end. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit wants to change that conception, and is presented in the Hall of New York with a proposal premium “to the Jeep”. A aspect outer differential and an inner up extras, trim finishes very luxurious. What else does this Summit?

A full suite of active safety systems is standard on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit.

we Start with the exterior, in that it is hardly possible to see a piece of the body of dark plastic: all the bumpers are body-color, in this case, the nice white metal of the official images. The calender and the antinieblas receive a chrome look, much more refined than other Grand Cherokee. In addition to the specific badges, also premiered around beautiful polished aluminium wheels in 20-inch in diameter. Perhaps not the most appropriate to leave the asphalt, but beautiful they are for a while.

jeep-grand-cherokee-summit-7In the interior, the seats are covered in Nappa leather and leather, with a stamping in the form of a diamond. Available in shades light or dark, gives the cabin a much more premium. Doors, and ceiling are upholstered also in leather or Alcantara, portal series floor mats, premium and metallic accents on the centre console and dashboard. In addition, a system of active noise cancellation overrides the sounds from outside and the doors have lights on the bottom to not get your foot in that puddle invisible to the side of the car.

A sound system, Harman-Kardon, 825 watts of power and 16 speakers + 3 subwoofers is series.

A full suite of active safety systems is standard on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit, accompanied by the most advanced system of all-wheel drive of the Grand Cherokee. The system Quadra-Drive II has a gearbox and a limited-slip differential-mail, associated to an air suspension adjustable, the Quadra-Lift. All models equipped with the automatic gearbox of eight relations, and a selector driving modes. Only their tires, asphalt and large wheels for the most part limited its off-road capabilities.

jeep-grand-cherokee-summit-11Is available with engines 3.6 V6 Pentastar and 5.7-liter V8 HEMI, not with the 3.0 V6 turbodiesel.

Source: Jeep
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