Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and Summit, bravery, and elegance spread


immaculate White, and has been presented to the Grand Cherokee Summit in New York

The special editions of the Grand Cherokee seem to have no limits. Jeep knows that their model is more versatile, and it is for this reason that you do not leave of bringing to market versions and versions. Each one with a different touch, as the views this evening in the Hall of New York, Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and Summit. None of the two will come to Europe.

In the first place the Trailhawk, which we could already see just a few days ago, shows the appearance more fierce Grand Cherokee thanks to a front grille modified, tow hooks, larger tires, and special tires adventure with reinforcement. In general a more rugged look to bring out your wild side.

But the exterior is not the only one that is modified in this case, as the interior does, too. It does it in a way more refined, so that owners can enjoy the capabilities jackets the Jeep Grand Cherokee without losing comfort or technology, because they include almost all the optional items.


The Trailhawk made act of presence to demonstrate its ability to navigate around obstacles

On the other side of the scale we find the Grand Cherokee Summit. As its name indicates, this version is top-notch, and a little more. The idea has been to prepare the Jeep most elegant and luxurious ever manufactured. And therefore the outside remains more or less identical, although the tire change, but not the inside.

The cabin is full of the best possible materials. The Nappa leather covering up to the last corner of the interior. This is combined with moldings of brushed aluminum, and a technology of last generation that includes a set of Harman Kardon audio and infotainment system UConnect.

of course both are equipped with the latest traction system developed by Jeep. A team 4×4 Quadra-Drive II with a limited slip differential electronically, united to an active air suspension Quadra-Lift. In terms of engines, both units will be available with the blocks more powerful.


Jeep has worked to make the Grand Cherokee Summit its most luxurious model to date

In this last section, and although it has not been presented in New York, we know that Jeep is working on another Grand Cherokee oversized, although on this occasion the excess will come from the side of the power because it will mount a block V8 HEMI 6.2 liter great power. A model that we’ve already seen rolling in the testing phase.